Revenge of the Titans


Defend the planet against invaders


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Revenge of the Titans is a good mix of real time strategy and tower defence game in which we'll have to place different units of our army not to let any intruder pass the barrier.

The game includes a wide variety of units to combat those enemies. How many enemies? Ok, lots of them, in fact, hundreds of enemies are trying to kill you.

Laser turrets, missile launchers,... all weapons will be necessary to beat those enemies whose size can be enormously giant. That's funny.

Although playability is quite good, the best part of the game are its amazing graphics in a childish style that will create a really good environment and a very attractive map.

Revenge of the Titans is an amusing game which will be loved by both veterans and newbies, just adjust difficulty level and enjoy.

The demo only offers the first level.

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